Monday, 27 August 2012

OBWD: Concept 'For The Masses' Promo T-Shirt Drop

Concepts: OBWD are looking forward to releasing their first set of exclusive promo tees

So we're planning on dropping some promotional tees in order for us to help get the blog out there further and extend our reach, and the two of us have been relentlessly drawing up ideas of what these shirts should look like. 

Here we have our initial concept which we have named 'For the Masses'. This t-shirt has been inspired by Enter Shikari's use of the inverted pyramid, symbolizing the 'masses' on the top and world 'leaders' and people in power on the bottom handing power back to the people. We thought this idea was brilliant and we were keen to incorporate it into a possible t-shirt as our blog is essentially tailor-made for the masses. 

We aim on having a fair few of these printed by the end of next month and we would like to host a competition so you are readers can get hold of some too! So guys and girls, keep your eyes peeled for this one, we're looking forward to the inaugural release of our first batch of tees. Be on the look out next month and follow our Facebook and Twitter pages!

Thanks for the support,

Tendai Taruvinga & Lewis Fairey
Your co-bloggers at OBWD Magazine