Monday, 13 August 2012

Bespoke Attire: Ouija Clothing

To be truly original is a difficult feat indeed, with more and more brands hopping on the consumer bandwagon it is almost impossible to find one that stands alone. Ouija is a really interesting alternative brand that succeeds in being genuine by going against the grain and having really innovative designs. This brand strives to be different and does so by being fuelled by hate, an unconventional choice admittedly, but you cannot flaw their reasoning. When put in the context of our lives, there are becoming more and more things to despise. Hate is all around us and if Ouija can take it and turn it into something outstanding then let them do so. These Southampton based garment revolutionaries have only been in production since the beginning of this year and are already showing more initiative and potential than most the brands out there.

Think Outside The Dye Tee
This is Ouija's witty take on a certain New York brands logo, encouraging the viewer to look past this little red rectangle in which a lot of people are so obsessed with. It is a bold statement that is sure to be a massive hit with the underground fashionista especially considering its only £9.

To Dye By Crucifix Tee
Acid Dye Crucifix Tee

All in all Ouija is a brand that you must have this summer and with their ridiculously low prices there is no reason not to have a little 'hate' in your wardrobe. Head on over to Ouija's website now and grab yourself an out of this world bargain. You can also  also follow their Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.