Sunday, 8 July 2012

Bespoke Independent: Merry Autumn Accessories

So we recently came across an independent fashion label who are based in Italy who go by the funky name of Merry Autumn. They recently got in touch as they were quite keen on having their brand promoted via OBWD and as we're all for supporting the independents (as long as the stuff's dope!), we've got no problem helping other to gain a platform for recognition. Enough about us anyway, Merry Autumn appear to be a small scale outfit with a professionally intensive outlook in the way they market their products. They have a selection of vivacious bags, wallets and coin purses which are ingeniously designed so they can almost transform into another baggage accessory, you'll have to watch the videos below to understand! You can even create your own bag on their sit too if you're not satisfied already. All very interesting and exciting and if you take a look at the following videos they may tempt some of you to unleash you debit cards!  With a quality advertising and modeling campaign we're sure that it wont be long that you'll be seeing Merry Autumn in a store near you...

For more info on Merry Autumn swing over to their website for more details where they'll be happy to take your order. Peace!