Friday, 13 July 2012

Bespoke Footwear: Converse x Batman (Dark Knight Rises)

If you are a Batman or a Converse fan these trainers are literally an essential for you. They come hot on the heels of the Gorrilaz drop, and although they have swapped genre from music to film this piece of footwear is none the less amazing. This is the seventh season that the two respective companies have collaborated and we hope that they are no way near done.

 Our first trainer displays an actual scene from the soon to be released movie, as the pair of 'Batman Chuck's' show our superhero in action leaping from the heel. with a slightly more subdued colour way than the other trainer this could easily find its way into everyday wear.

The other trainer in the collection has a more comic book and pictures the dark knights adversary about to deliver a killer right hook. With more bright colours and cartoon like graphics these will be more suited to those who have eclectic taste and don't mind standing out.

Available from Journeys right now at a retail value of $59.99, so go and grab yourself a pair now.