Friday, 22 June 2012

Events: HM The Queen's Diamond Jubilee 2012, London

It's been a bit hectic as of late here at OBWD base, we know we've been majorly slacking with blog posts as of yet and with views on the blog also having take a bit of a nosedive lately! We've only got ourselves to blame really, but after having gone through our own personal hardships in our education life, it is with great pleasure to announce we will be back on form effective immediately. Sorry to digress and steal Her Majesty The Queen's thunder, as this post was meant to be in commemoration of her reaching 60 years of majestic rule of the United Kingdom marking her Diamond Jubilee! 

Myself (Tendai) one half of the OBWD duo viewed it as a great opportunity to go down and take pictures out and about in the capital whilst it basks in its historic great British cladding of flags and decor. The 2nd of June to 5th of June saw the UK enter a public holiday to celebrate the Life and Times of Queen Elizabeth II all beginning with a boat pageant on the Sunday, a lavish star-studded concert on the Monday and a royal procession through London on the Tuesday. It was all great fun and I tried to get to as many of the events as possible. Please enjoy the snaps provided as an extended commemoration and celebration o our Queen, and we also do apologise or the lateness of this post!

Street of London draped with the iconic Union Flag

Tendai embraces the patriotic feel all around London

London United

The iconic red telephone box

Banksy artwork in Westminster

Fitting tribute to our 'Diamond' Queen

Sublime creativity or vandalism?

Televisions on Hyde Park broadcasting the Jubilee Concert

Masses flock to Hyde Park to embrace the atmosphere and be closer to the action

London Pride all abide

Thousands wait in anticipation of the royal procession

The Strand in stunning perspective

Fellow proud Brits march toward The Mall

1.5 million line The Mall to witness Her Majesty make an appearance - a new world record

The Queen's flypast begins

RAF aircraft line up beautifully to serenade Ma'am

Oxford Street embraces the occasion

Union Flags line Oxford Street 

The end of the journey at the newly renovated King's Cross station

*Photos captured with Nikon D3100 Digital SLR camera. Copyright © 2012--, All Rights Reserved.