Thursday, 21 June 2012

Bespoke Attire: BAPE x Undefeated Collaboration

This has got to be some of the biggest news that we have heard on a collaboration front for an age. Why is this so BIG you ask? Well this is a revelation due to the fact that A Bathing Ape has not worked with an independent brand outside of Japan for what seems like an eternity. Two street giants have come together to bring us an imaginative drop that captures the street movement of floral / Hawaii perfectly. This is without mentioning the timeless class of a certain camo print combined with an iconic graphic of a said famous tally. So without further a do, we present you with the most freshest of drops.

These mere garments don't even make up half of the entire collaboration, so we suggest you get yourselves on over to either BAPE or UNDEFEATED and get ready for these to become available.