Sunday, 1 April 2012

Style: Obey x Stefan Glerum - Spring 2012 Limited Artist Series T-Shirts

One of the Netherlands' latest and greatest contemporary artists and designers Stefan Glerum has teamed up with American hotshots Obey to bring us this fine mix of art and attire. We always get incredibly excited when we here of collaborations between artists and some of the most fashionable brands out at the moment, and this one is no anomaly to that fact. What is most interesting about Glerum's style of illustration is that fact that it is said to be inspired by some of the most influentially pioneering movements of the twentieth century which are said to include: the Bauhaus; Italian Futurism; Russian Constructivism; and Art Deco meaning this individual is an incredibly cultured and knowledgeable young artist who looks at the past to shape his designs. Born in 1983, Glerum started his trade as a younger producing illustrations of planes, cars and comic sketches whilst at the same time honing his illustrative skills. The combination of Obey and Stefan Glerum here mainly focuses on the artist's personification of the word 'Obey' and his depiction of 'different situations throughout history and the future where the term “Obey” or being obeyed is a struggle' according to the Obey newsletter we were sent. All very interesting and we would advise anyone who is keenly interested in illustration and art to check out this insightful video below. Enjoy...

Stefan Glerum / OBEY Artist Series from OBEY CLOTHING on Vimeo.

  • UK readers can get hold of the 'Special Edition' tees by checking out the official OBEY store.