Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Releases: Mikill Pane - YOU GUEST IT [Mixtape]

This EP is smashing expectations throughout the whole of the underground. Featuring an all-star cast from Example and Ed Sheeran, to Paloma Faith and Yasmin, this tape has an unbelievable buzz around it already and has already been cooking up a storm on Twitter. If we had to describe YOU GUEST IT in one word we simply couldn't - it is more than your average tape. It's high profile, sheer quality and depth has deservedly earned it titles such as: eclectic, linguistic, gritty and above all bespoke. If your are a fan of the urban scene and haven't managed to get this in your life, then you should be ashamed! Mikill is the rebel of the roads, prophet of the paths and a shaman of the streets. We at Only Bespoke can't credit Mr. Pane enough, he is one of the only true underground artists that has not sold out and is making music because he genuinely enjoys doing so.

We would also like to point out at this point if you are unfamiliar with the London spitter then check out our Undiscovered post for more info. If this EP has you listening to every track a good ten times on repeat, you can decipher everything that Mikill is saying then download the rest of his work for a small fee Here.