Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Pipeline: 'The Kickdrums x A$AP x Lana Del Rey 'Ridin'

There is nothing that we appreciate more at Only Bespoke than artists stepping out of their comfort zone for the sake of music. To some it conveys how much they lack in that particular genre, but to us it portrays their determination to strive for something new. Lana has taken a rather edgy rap feel to her verse in the snippet, proving she is not just the melodic siren we know her to be. A$AP is a lot more free flowing and relaxed, but still feels in sync with LanaLana and Rocky are two artists that have a fair amount of hype around them at the moment, but we did not expect them to feature on a track together. However, with Rocky's highly anticipated album close to dropping, Rocky has set this aside for it. The Kickdrums mix tape is out now so get it HERE.