Monday, 9 April 2012

OBWD: We've Joined Tumblr!

So we've decided to explore new means of getting the blog out there to the masses and creating a Tumblr account is one brilliant way of doing that. If you've got a Tumblr account you can now follow us on there as the posts from our blog will feature on our Tumblr account. The main reason why we have chosen to do this is primarily the ability to distribute pictures that have been posted on the blog instantly and for them to be viewed from anywhere across the globe via the clever tagging system. Furthermore, this is also another platform in which people can find this page and as you know it's all about gaining attention as we want this to blow up. The idea was brought about by Lewis and after a little bit of tinkering we've formulated a nice 'sub-blog' for OBWD Magazine. This blogspot page you are on is still our main official website, the Tumblr account is just another means of social media marketing for OBWD. 

  • You can check out the official OBWD Tumblr page by clicking the link HERE. If you have Tumblr yourselves follow us and we'll follow you back!