Monday, 9 April 2012

Bespoke Attire: Kenzo x Vans Authentic Sneaks

So we have been treated to a fresh Easter drop in a collaboration between Vans and French label Kenzo. Vans are a sneaker brands at the moment that are high-flying and snowballing following the recent success they have endured over the past year with the mass market. They seem to be designing their footwear with one eye of the changeable fashion market keeping the avid fashionista at the heart, and it is to no surprise that they have conjured another well-crafted collaboration with Parisian label Kenzo. It seems that they have opted to work around the much loved Vans Authentic sneaker, producing a range of authentic print designs over the top hemisphere of the sneaker. These images appear to be the first initial tasters of what we are expected to receive in the near future, with a tasteful modelling campaign that reaps the best out of both brands we can only anticipate something fashionably innovative as a final product.