Saturday, 14 April 2012

Independent Exclusives: Why Me? London Spring / Summer Advertisement Campaign

Very nice to see our boys down at Why Me? London clothing label holding it down nicely with this new video to promote their attire and to help expand their brand. As you know we love independent clothing label and we most certainly do believe that a lot of independent brands don't get the recognition they deserve and Why Me? is definitely a case of this. We do our best to uncover as many new up and coming fashion designers on a weekly basis and we are committed to the cause. The advert sees the guys chillin', skating and portraying the brand within the urban constraints of British civilization, whilst at the same time keeping it real and plugging the label effectively. We covered Why Me? a few weeks back and we are massive fans, they're doing their thing big on the sidelines, keeping Britain tidy and all that! You can check the post here. If you are interested in freshening up and picking up some of these fine garments, or you're just interested as to the ethos of the label then feel free to head over to Why Me? London HQ, help the independents! Enjoy the ad.