Saturday, 14 April 2012

Bespoke Attire: Vans Authentic x BEAMS

Not got too much to say about these really, this latest installment of Vans Authentic sneakers by BEAMS are pretty standard in the fact that they look no more different than the original Vans Authentic trainer. There are a few very small differences at close inspection, with the reverse of the shoe on the heel being stamped with the 'Van Doren' tag and the appears to have been slightly altered. All-in-all they are a pair of nice sneakers, we just wish BEAMS had gone to town a bit more and really made them there own. Vans seem to just want to keep on churning out new material at the moment, but if you are looking to freshen up the wardrobe the hat-trick of colours issued will all compensate this season's wardrobe style perfectly. For more info just pop over to the BEAMS official website, be sure to translate the page to English upon arrival!