Monday, 2 April 2012

Bespoke Attire: Human Made S/S Edition (Modeled by Pharrell Williams)

Anything that involves Pharrell Williams generally means the product involved has a certain quality mark, or shall we say stamp of approval which places it a cut above any other competition on the market. The NERD emcee and singer has an aurora about him which just radiates modernity and relevance in today's current fashion industry. With him being the co-founder of BBC / Ice Cream and also featuring as a key figure in the A Bathing Ape label both commissioned by Japanese fashion guru Nigo, we are well aware of the fact that Pharrell's knowledge of the dynamics of streetwear apparel is comprehensively second to none. With this we have our latest venture between the two fashion partners in Human Made which is Nigo's latest fashion venture, and here we have Pharrell doing his bit for his old friend by posing for a few snaps in his latest range of attire. Pharrell's ever so modest and chilled out approach simply sells the garments to us straight away, and with the summer fast approaching we see no reason why Human Made wont have a big up coming season.

Images: Hypebeast