Friday, 13 April 2012

Bespoke Attire: Billionaire Boys Club TYO Hoodies

With one eye on the Japanese market (blatantly obviously), Billionaire Boys Club and Nigo's creative think tank arrive at OBWD HQ with open arms with their extremely comfortable looking set of 'TYO' print hoodies. Set to be made available on 18 April at Japanese retailers ZOZOTOWN in limited supply, the meticulously fashion garments are the epitome of street fashion, more so to the point that BBC cannot really be regarded as being 'streetwear' with the prices they range at! With a fabulous selection of colours and, what seems like a limited edition range here by BBC, these hoods are definitely for any avid Billionaire Boys Club fans who want to expand their collection, or quite possibly the curious newbie. Freshen up boys and girls!