Saturday, 14 April 2012

Art + Design: Damien Hirst Wallpaper Prints x Other Criteria

Tears of Joy Wallpaper - £250

Pharmacy Wallpaper £675

Hope Wallpaper - £250

Butterfly Wallpaper - £700

Beautiful Inside My
 Head Forever Wallpaper - £205

Here are a selection of fine wallpaper prints which have been produced by Damien Hirst's holding company Other Criteria, the business of which Hirst showcases and distributes his merchandise and art. Some of his best designs are now available for you as contemporary art lovers to clad your walls with. We are particularly fond of his butterfly prints, which we regard as being his finest work and we are thrilled that Hirst is expanding the media in which he sells his work. If you are interested in purchasing any of these wallpaper prints, or in fact any other Damien Hirst memorabilia or works of art, then head over to Other Criteria.