Friday, 23 March 2012

Signed Up: Bloc Party

Bloc Party are a band that need no introduction, the odds are you will have one of the following 'Silent Alarm', 'A Weekend In The City' or 'Intimacy' in your record collection. Kele's band dominated ears of the youth all throughout the naughties and they are making a comeback now. With their last record released in 2008 a lot of people are wondering are they past it? However the majority of people are eagerly anticipating more of those electric hooks and adolescent lyrical remarks. Kele has mainly been concentrating on his solo career recently but says that new record label 'FrenchKiss' will allow them to make more mighty fine music. 'FrenchKiss' has bought us music from 'The Passion Pit' to 'The Drums' and look set to do the band some justice. 'She's Hearing Voices' will be the first single released by the band and those of you from the early days in 2004 will recognise it as a re-release from 'Silent Alarm'.