Thursday, 16 February 2012

Sustainability: Puma's New Prospects

The creative designers have come up with nothing less then a stroke of genius. Along with running prospects Puma are planning to launch a fresh range of trainers at BoxPark in Shoreditch, London, but not just any range, a range with a unique twist. This goes hand-in-hand with the brands new sustainability initiatives as part of the Puma Vision ethos, in which the brand aims to be 'fair, honest, positive and creative'. The whole concept of BoxPark is the idea of a pop-up mall, in which retailers are given a container with their selected number. Puma is the 21st brand within this chain, and this is the basis for their 'twenty one' concept. Puma intend on re-stocking their container every 21 days with brand new trainers to keep the fresh new feeling and customers intrigued. Puma intend on having a type of 'kick's menu' at the forefront of there unit allowing people to be able to simply walk in and grab a pair of creps quick and easily. Puma are one of the first brands to do something exceptional with their space, and we at OBWD cannot wait to see what they have in store for us in the near future.

The BoxPark project has been inspired by a clever architectural design incorporating freight containers into the inherent design of the building. This ever so simple, but genius aspect provides a street elevation which is easily catchy to the eye and engages passers-by, drawing their attention to this unique design. It is funnily enough that Puma would choose the BoxPark venue, as the sportswear giants have already dabbled in a similar portable design adventure involving freight containers which was called 'Puma City'. The project made a whistle-stop tour around the US in 2008, visiting well known areas in NYC and Florida. The idea was drafted in by Napoli / Stockholm based architecture studio LOT-EK Architects as a sustainable construction method. Here's a video of the construction of 'Puma City' which was erected in exactly the same manner as BoxPark....

You can find out more about 'Puma City' here.
More information about the twentyone project can be located on the Puma website.