Thursday, 9 February 2012

Meet the Method Behind the Madness

only bespoke will do (OBWD) is the brainchild of fellow artists and designers Tendai Taruvinga + Lewis Fairey [pictured]. Tendai Taruvinga studies Architecture at the University of Lincoln and Lewis Fairey is currently an Electrical Engineer Apprentice based in Leicester. The idea for the blog came about after a lunch meeting on 23rd December 2011, with the blog taking shape in online form later that very day. Tendai and Lewis met at St Paul's Catholic School in Leicester (UK) at the tender age of just 11-years-old, and thus a powerful creative partnership  resulted over the years. The two both studied Art from GCSE up to A level and have developed a similar sense of creativity and style. This has reflected in the way they dress, with them always being keen to look the part without compromising originality and individualism. The link between fashion and art is one that will be explored extensively throughout the blog. The pair are avid fashionistas who have a genuine admiration for fine attire whatever the brand or price, only bespoke will do was the catalyst for documenting this passion. If you think this is about telling you what to wear don't worry, this is not like that at all. We're just bringing new ideas and concepts to the table, that is all.

OBWD is a visual documentary which aims to make people look at fashion from a different perspective and to allow people to believe that there is no problem with wanting to be original or bespoke. Underneath the blog's banner is a statement which reads AN UNORTHODOX APPROACH TO FASHION TODAY, this reflects the notion that people do not always have to play to the fashions of the crowd, or act like sheep so to speak. We are all guilty of doing it - even us! It is no revelation that certain brands these days are being overworn by people, despite them being excellent labels, which is a great shame. There is no doubt that people dress well today, we are just questioning the originality of a lot of people's buying habits. Are people buying certain clothes because they like them, or is it because the vast majority of people are wearing the similar brand or garment? We wish to engage people with an array of brands known and unknown, and disclose current and up-and-coming trends to the masses. We hope that you enjoy and follow the journey as we have big plans ahead for this project. OBWD is for anyone and everyone; everyone wears clothing and everyone cares about their appearance so it would be a lie to state otherwise! Thank you for your time.

God Bless,

Lewis Fairey + Tendai Taruvinga x