Monday, 13 February 2012

Focus: The Michael Kiwanuka Look

Michael Kiwanuka's unprecedented burst onto the music scene has been one of breakneck speed and disorientation to the delight of many of us hearing the fresh acoustic mood being set by the promising Londoner for the first time in 2012. He recently snatched the BBC Sound of 2012 staving off competition from several deserving artists such as Skrillex and Frank Ocean, which is not to say he didn't deserve to win himself. But what is most interesting is his look and dress sense. Kiwanuka appears to have a very respectable sense of dress in a very vintage but 'preppy' look which couples nicely with his post motown-esque musical style. The flat cap and shirt collar popping out of a crew neck is a reserved look, and synonymous with a man who wants to keep his head out of the spotlight and just make music. 'Home Again' was the debut single which really established Mr Kiwanuka on the mainstream and is a song which bleeds his emotions. His album is set to don the same name and we at OBWD are eagerly anticpating his first record. Michael Kiwanuka is a young man with a lovely acoustic vibe which reflects positively in his dress sense. Definitely the bespoke look!

The debut album 'Home Again' is out 12 March 2012 (UK)