Monday, 20 February 2012

Events: BRIT Awards 2012

So yes it's that time of year, it's February and with February obviously comes the barrage of awards ceremonies in music and film. Just over a week ago we had the Grammy Awards in the US of which fellow Brit Adele cleaned up! But we're all about the fashion here, which is not to say we're not big music fans ourselves, but we'll be bringing you the bare fashion essentials from what the nominees are repping on the red carpet and back stage and how you as a civilian can get the look on the high street. Please stay tuned and watch this space, we'll bringing you as much material as we can get our hands on so you can see who is frontin' the bespoke look!

The Brit Awards 2012 will be aired on ITV1 (UK) tomorrow between 1900-2000 (GMT) and will be hosted by James Corden