Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Bespoke Attire: Vans x Curtis Kulig "Love Me"

Curtis Kulig for those of you who don't know (you should know) is a photographer / illustrator who has devoted his life to his "Love Me" campaign. With Kulig already working with the likes of Nike, Levis and Obey it is no surprise to see him take up a canvas in the form of a very iconic brand of trainer. The New York artist has teemed up with Vans to bring us another set of crepes that are inevitably going to make a splash in the under ground scene. So without further a do, we present the latest in the line of prestigious footwear.

To learn more about Curtis's aims and to see more of his artwork, head on over to his Website, however if you are just solely grabbed by the shoes (no pun intended) then head on over to the Vans Website where they will be released spring / summer of next year.