Thursday, 5 April 2012

Popular Culture: Part II of the Invisible Children Campaign

Following the release of the majorly controversial Kony 2012 campaign video by the Invisible Children, we have literally just discovered that there has been second installment released by the Invisible Children on this highly sensitive ongoing issue. The initial video was an internet sensation with people all over the world instantaneously becoming aware of Joseph Kony, who he was and what he was doing on Ugandan soil. However, very quickly controversy was to surround this video, with many antagonists stating that the true facts were being fabricated beyond the constraints of reality, with many also claiming the whole issue had been largely 'over-simplified'. This latest video entitled 'Beyond Famous' aims to confront these matters head on that have unwillingly enshrouded the Invisible Children's 'Make Kony Famous' campaign, and aims to get to people to empathise and think about the bigger picture and putting 'awareness into action'. We wonder if the masses will flock to this one as they did the last. See what you make of it all anyway below?