Monday, 2 April 2012

New Attire Review: Dirty Dudes Apparel

For those of you who like to keep it real gritty, real street and real dirty, we have just the brand for you. Dirty Dudes are an American streetwear brand that caters for those of us that don't mind a little dirt under the nails and are not afraid of being filthy. The Dallas brand brings us an interestingly fresh line that boasts a bold statement to those who are so upright about their clinical pristine appearance, Dirty Dudes pride themselves in being the anti-Christ to the generic politically correct streetwear that floods today's market.

Grey Tank $20.99

Made Dirty $22.99

DDA Pocket Tee $22.99

Thermal $22.99

Talk Dirty To Me $20

With a wide range of apparel Dirty Dudes is looking fairly key for the summer, their simplistic tanks for both male and female may just prove to be iconic garments for this up coming summer fashion season. If you like the look of the items shown here and consider yourself dirty, then go and check out Dirty Dudes website.