Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Releases: Preview of Marina and the Diamonds Play Cards for 'Electra Heart'

Album artwork 'cards' for Marina's up coming album 'Electra Heart'

Marina and her glamorous Diamonds return to the mainstream fold with a more up-tempo 'dancier' vibe which is a massive change from the sounds of her last album 'The Family Jewels'. But what still remains about the fresh sounding Marina and the Diamonds this time well is the story and the context. Love, ambition and glory seem to be the main focus of her latest releases 'Radioactive' and her current single 'Primadonna', there is this fixation still of the starry-eyed Welsh girl with the dreams of Hollywood and ambitions of becoming the 'American Queen', which was the main subject focus in her previous album. 'Primadonna' is almost a contituation of her hugely popular 2010 single 'Hollywood', it is a record which totally reflects everything a lot of today's teenage girls dream of - fame, fortune and platinum records. Whereas 'Radioactive' was a racey pulsating dance record which had the sole intention of re-ascertaining her fans that she was back, the main message that was received by a lot of her adoring followers however was the fact that her sound had changed dramatically. 

After watching Marina perform at 2010's Leeds Festival event it was obvious that it is very difficult not to literally fall in love with this dazzling woman. She was beautiful, striking and had a very original but versatile sound, but this is usually the case with most breakthrough artists. With the Marina of 2012 there really isn't much difference contrary to popular belief, she's clever in the fact that she's knows what's doing well in the charts at the moment and that is dance orientated music. Her sound has merely evolved to fit the changeable  conditions of the music industry and it's something that many artists have to do in order to retain success. The Welsh heartthrob is set to release her second album later this year titled 'Electra Heart', the artwork for the deluxe edition was previewed to her fans (aka her 'Diamonds') on Facebook earlier, and it's a bit of a treat for the eye. Her inspirations are ever so 1950s-esque and you only have to take a glance at the cover to know that Marilyn Monroe has been her primary inspiration for not only her style in the pictures, but also the music video for 'Primadonna'. Anyway, we've selected two of her latest tunes out at the moment for you to listen to and enjoy. Check.