Thursday, 19 April 2012

Documentary: 'Obey The Giant' Shepard's Beginnings

We have something really special for you here folks. We all wear, own or love Obey, but did you know it's true origins? Our guess is that you probably don't, well all of that is about to change. This documentary has been put together to portray in detail each step of Shepard Fairey's rise to fame and his battle against the propaganda. A film project by Julian Marshall, it looks to be like a truly inspirational piece about what it means to stand up for what you think is right, no matter how much trouble you get in. Although the film has already been made in it's entirety, the project is lacking the funds needed to actually publish it and spread the word. So we at OBWD would like to ask you, are viewers to take the time to go and check their project on Kickstarts. If at all possible a small donation would be amazing, because after all who doesn't want to see this film become a reality?