Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Bespoke Attire: Pointer - Spring 'Chester' & 'Willard'

We've got a couple of Pointers for you! With these two latest latest foot wear drops from Pointer bringing their total spring/summer collection up to 25, we are beginning to feel a little spoilt for choice. With a lot of shoe designers opting for the same look with many variants its nice to see these London based designers  keeping things original with varied designs.


The Chester is a nicely shaped, espadrille plimsolls cross over. It provides that ultimate summer look and is ideal for that smooth transition for beach / inner city living. As far as espadrilles go, we at OBWD feel that a lot them would disintegrate immediately if you stepped in a puddle, but not the Chester's, they display the more robust side to this holiday type shoe and are something that we can admire. 


Stepping it up a notch from the more casual plimsoll-esque Chester, this is where high fashion meets sea side. This elegant shoe gives off the impression that it is clean cut and rather clinical, yet would blend in seamlessly at a summer beach party. This piece of foot wear is such a contrast that it simply should not work, however the designers at Pointer have pulled it off and this shoe is stunning.

These qualities within a shoe are rare, so its nice to see Pointer doing the U.K. proud by producing good quality foot attire for everyone around the world. If you like the look of these pair of shoes head on over to Pointer's website now.