Friday, 20 April 2012

Bespoke Attire: A Bathing Ape 'Summer Collection'

BAPE has finally dropped its official summer collection and it is absolutely stunning. The range features the latest designs and styles from the Japanese street tycoon, they are all in keeping with today's street style, yet scream the originality of when the were first found by NIGO in '93'. Featuring camouflage, denim and stripes this eclectic drop caters to a varied audience. This is what we have grown to love from A Bathing Ape, their desire to please the public. We are even granted an audience with Baby Milo within a pair of the camo shorts, so have a look!

To get the full range head on over to BAPE_EU, be sure to check up on them regularly because they loads of collaborative pieces in the pipeline.