Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Up Close + Personal: (Very!) Young Lincoln Artists

On our travels in and around Lincoln, the two of us (Tendai and Lewis) endeavored in a pursuit to explore Lincoln's culture. We ventured along Steep Hill, which is the road which leads to the iconic Lincoln Cathedral which is one of England's finest landmarks, to see what we could find. We were just passing through this art gallery when we found, in the loft, an exhibition of Primary School childrens' art work. We were both astounded and astonished at the level of ability these young children had, being able to interpret and distinguish various colours whilst also possessing an uncanny ability to use shading and detailed which is disproportionate to the usual Primary School level. We were both thoroughly impressed at what we saw, and we hope that you are too as these kids were between Year 3 and Year 6! It's a great shame that creativity isn't always expressed as avidly as this at grass roots level, and it is something that we would like to see being pushed more in the curriculum. We're all about checking out local talent, and this can't go unseen, well done kids! CLICK TO ZOOM.