Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Up Close + Personal: Leicester's Fashion Prospects

Vintage Watch Stall

Vintage Female Accessory Stall

Vintage Cases

Vintage Green Velvet Jacket

Vintage Converse Logo T-Shirt

Vintage Shoes

On the 11th Sunday Only Bespoke went to Judy's Vintage fair, it was something that i (Lewis) enjoyed more than i should especially when i usually buy everything i see. There were some very reasonable priced goods at the fair ranging from pittance to plenty and all good quality too. One of my favourite stalls was the time keeping one, as lot of people are now are obsessed with G-shock and other newer models, an older Casio would be a really quaint accessory to have. Although the Fair was enjoyable a lot of it was biased towards females, We like to see a bit more equality at such events.

Starter Snaps & Supra Creps @ Foot Asylum

Pointer Creps @ Foot Asylum

Kenny Scharf x Zara

Snap-back to reality, we also had to go and check out the freshest items we could find without falling into too much of a mainstream trap. Although there is a fair amount of variety in Leicester you are limited when it comes down to high end street wear. we found these above items at Zara and Foot Asylum. Go and check them out...