Saturday, 24 March 2012

Undiscovered: The Skints

Ready for the Masses: The Skints are
reviving ska music once more

The genre of UK reggae influenced music is timeless, from ska to soca and bashment we have been blessed with several artists and acts that have taken their own spin on a genre of music that is timeless and has love instilled within its very core. When we at OBWD listened to The Skints cover of Katy B's debut single 'On a Mission', we were incredibly excited and eager to get hold of their debut album 'Part & Parcel'. For starters, we would personally define The Skints as being a four piece London based ska/dub/reggae ensemble with influences from contemporary rock music and the UK urban scene. They were formed in 2007 subsequently penning their first record contract a year later in 2008 and ever since then they have played hundreds of shows supporting well known acts which include, Gym Class Heroes, Bedouin Soundclash and The King Blues to name a few.

Part & Parcel: The SECOND album by The Skints

So, onto their hotly anticipated second album entitled 'Part & Parcel', which follows their debut album 'Live.Build.Breathe.Believe', well this album is definitely something. With Part & Parcel we are instantly provided with an insight into the working mind of the band who have obviously been heavily influenced by some of the greatest ska acts which would include, naturally, The Specials, Madness and The Beat, who were all great advocators of the two-tone reggae infusion which brought the genre such acclaim in the 1970s. The album which was released earlier this month, just wreaks summertime, and with the start of British Summer Time coming tomorrow and the lovely weather we are enjoying at the moment, this is the must have album for summer 2012. But putting aside the obvious ska comparisons which would enthrall an album of this genre, there are definitely other influences from the UK urban scene and guitar music which seamlessly transcends through the reggae hardcore. With Part & Parcel, we are able to empathise most importantly with a  four-piece who are categorically British right through to the core and this is blatently obvious by listened to the reggae tones they churn out so effortlessly.

The Skints play on the British one pence piece

This isn't a group who wish they were afro-caribbean (despite only one of them being of afro-caribbean descent), they just like the genre and enjoy making the music, it is real music by real people. Part & Parcel is defined by several online dictionaries as being 'an essential component' well this is exactly that, a term that is widely used in British popular culture, but notably in football puditry, but a brilliant and authentic album title nontheless. Part & Parcel is definitely an album worth purchasing and it is available on Spotify to listen to, but if you really want to support the band go cop it on iTunes please! It is an album that will leave you anticipating this summer even more than you probably are already, and with all the brilliant events attached such as festivals and the Notting Hill carnival of London. Here's a few of their best songs for you to listen to...

  • The Skints brilliant album is available to purchase from iTunes here for only £8.99.
  • The Skints will be starting their Part & Parcel tour in October and you can purchase tickets HERE.