Monday, 19 March 2012

Style: Tyler, The Creator + Glenn O'Brien x Supreme

Here we are given a juxtaposition of two eras in time, Tyler being the current and Glenn symbolising history and the past with them both donning the world famous Supreme brand in harmonious synchronized fashion. Some would wonder why O'Brien, who is widely known as the 'style guy' at GQ Fashion where he works, would wear such a brand which radiates such youth in abundance being a man of the older generation himself, but he knows his brands and he isn't oblivious to the profound looks that Supreme bring to the table of fashion. Despite it having been said that the street look is not O'Brien's primary choice of style (which isn't as surprise), he states that he is a huge fan of the New York look that Supreme represents. With Tyler, Supreme is an obviously natural look for the Odd Future star, and he finds common ground with Mr O'Brien in this historic photoshoot. One to cherish for the 'Yonkers' rapper...

Check out the Q&A session here at GQ