Sunday, 18 March 2012


Christopher Francis Ocean has wet the pallet of the general public's need for some more OFWGKTA with two new soulfully chilling tracks. The Novocane star's smooth voice seems to effortlessly roll off of both songs. With the release of Odd Future Vol. 2 tomorrow, Frank is no doubt holding his best back for it, but what we can agree on is the fact that he makes track after track in audio style. For a BBC Sound of 2012 runner up he has surely accomplished some amazing things, to name but a few things; featuring on and writing tracks from 'Watch The Throne', being nominated for various awards, Billboard chart successes and not to mention working on one of the most anticipated albums debut albums of 2012. If you are unfamiliar with Frank Ocean watch the interview below where he explains his motives and inspirations.

Here are his two new tracks, Ocean has stated that 'White' will be on the album but 'Whip Appeal' will not. Take your pick out of which one you prefer, the melodic poem-esque 'White' or the sexually charged sports car metaphor that is 'Whip Appeal'?

To download just click on their titles.