Monday, 5 March 2012

Releases: Labrinth - Last Time

Labrinth: From the sidelines to the spotlight

Coming off the back of the hugely successful single 'Earthquake', Labrinth makes an attempt at topping his previous 2011 hit single. 'Last Time' is a journey, apparently 'based on a true story', where Labrinth provides us with an insight into his creative mind. Labrinth takes us to a parallel universe with a blue alien as a tour guide and we are whisked away to a world with no apparent boundaries. Sounds pretty mental but no you are not tripping, you are actually seeing what we're seeing! Anyway it is very much a grower, and may take a few listens, but we here at OBWD think it's an awesome single and will be the soundtrack to many nightclubs in the next few weeks. Considering Labrinth started out as a songwriter and producer under Sony Music before being snapped up by Simon Cowell and featuring on Tinie Tempah's breakthrough single 'Pass Out', he's done incredibly well with two #2 singles under his belt, this one is set to be another smash hit single. His debut album Electronic Earth (funky name!) is due to be released on 2 April 2012 (UK) and it's gonna be a big one! Check the video out below....

Last Time will be available for download on 18 March 2012 from all major digital stores (UK).

The debut album Electronic Earth is available for pre-order from iTunes, (with signed sleeves!), Amazon, HMV, and MyPlay