Thursday, 29 March 2012

Popular Culture: Parody of Plan B's Ill Manors

Where there's a great record there's always someone out there who feels the urge to produce a parody video which inevitably either flips the message of the song around, or brings about the home truth of an artists video. We've seen it in the past with artists such as Kesha, in which her 'Tik Tok' video was comprehensively mocked in order to reveal her as an image based money grabbing half-wit. So here we have 'My Manors' a video that will either vex rapper Plan B or make him laugh, gauging on the seriousness of his intent with production of 'Ill Manors' we think it would be fair to suggest it'll be the first of those two options. It isn't the best of parodies in an attempt to literally reverse the roles with 'Prince Berrie' the posh toff you meet in the video just simply proclaiming about his wealth and property but it will make you giggle on the odd occasion. It is inevitably short, but not so sweet the highlight of the video is the 'Fenton' reference. If there's one thing to be learnt from this it's that 'Ill Manors' has gained an unprecedented amount of attention. Anyway see what you think..