Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Charts: Paul Weller Tops UK Albums Chart

'Sonik Kicks' is the UK's official number album

With no real competition in sight, Paul Weller the former Jam frontman grabbed his fourth number 1 album in history. He started life as a musician with The Jam in 1972, where he spent ten of his illustrious years with the act regarded as being one of Britain's finest bands. The veteran artist has been releasing music as a soloist for the past 20 years, starting with his eponymously titled album 'Paul Weller' and right here in 2012 we have his latest album entitled 'Sonik Kicks', with him still managing to touch various generations to top the UK leaderboard. It's a magnificent achievement for the 53-year-old artist and hopefully there's more to come from the seasoned pro. Check out his single 'That Dangerous Age' below...