Friday, 17 February 2012

Versus: Example Remix (Black Cards) Rusko Remix (Skream)

If you enjoy hard hitting bass lines and heavy drops with some trance thrown in for good measure then you are going to love the versus tracks we have lined up for you. This versus is a comparative link to convey just how similar, yet completely opposing the US and the Uk's Dub/Dance scene is.

The first track we have lined up for you is a familiar one that has been uniquely adapted and moulded to form something sick in its own right. Pete Wentz and Spencer Peterson who were both from Emo/Punk bands have now come together to form a US Dance duo known as the Black Cards. Lets see what you make of their remix of Example's 'Changed the way you kissed me'

The next rhythmic anthem we have for you is none other than Skream's remix of Rusko's 'Somebody to love' and can we just say that this is more than just a match for the Track above, this is a goliath in this genre and this pair of dub-steppers are doing the UK proud. Take a listen and see for yourself.

If you enjoy both tracks concerned then you are in luck because these artist have taken this time to create their masterpieces and they want nothing in return. Yes, that's right you can download both of these remix's for free! catch them here: