Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Scandal: Chris Brown and Rihanna

Here at Only Bespoke we do not judge, we are not prejudice and we definitely do not discriminate. We are dedicated to bringing you the freshest and sickest videos and stories from around the world, but one thing that may just shock you is the development on the Chris Brown and Rihanna story. The pair have outraged the world by releasing two songs containing each others vocals in them, let's not forget that three years ago Chris assulted Rihanna and is still under probation for doing so. The sex charged track features lyrics that seem to be almost as if Chris is enticing Rihanna into bed with him, however this will do him no good as he still has a 10 yard ban on the multi-Brit award sex symbol. So without further adieu take a look at the more raunchier of the two remixes entitled 'Birthday Cake'

So we will leave you to make your own mind up, is it a case of two artist re-uniting in a mutual love for good music? Or is it a case of Rihanna is giving off the wrong impressions to domestic couples around the world and should know better? We'll leave that one with you guys...