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Events: JAY Z & KANYE WEST - Watch The Throne Tour - Birmingham, UK - 22 June 2012 [TOUR FINALE]

Sooo for those of you who have been living in a cave the past year, there's been an absolutely massive concert which has been touring the globe, and it features two rap veterans who like to go by the name of 'The Throne'. The Throne, which consists of seasoned US emcees Jay Z and Kanye West produced an album together entitled Watch The Throne nearly a year ago, and it's produced one of the most hotly anticipated concerts the world has ever seen, this has been known to many as the Watch The Throne Tour. Last night [22 June 2012] marked the end of the tour in Birmingham (UK), or 'BirmingH.A.M' as Yeezy and Jay kept proclaiming through their mics! And as we're dedicated to bring you reviews of cutting-edge live music and getting up close and personal with many of the youth's favourite acts, we saw it befitting that we grabbed a slice of the action, so I (Tendai) headed down to Birmingham from Leicester with my brother to quite simply 'Watch The Throne' in action. 

'That s*it CRAY!': Jay Z hypes the crowd (far right) during 'Paris'

The concert was incredible, not only did Kanye and Jay Z perform the entirety of WTT, they performed many of their own classics in between and they absolutely rocked it. After hearing whispers of the duo having performed 'N***as in Paris' as their final swansong 6, 7, even 11 times (I have no idea of whether the 11 is true by the way!), it was to no suprise when they dropped 'Paris' at least 5 times (I lost count!) at the end, Birmingham was raring and ready for it with what can only be described as the biggest moshpit I've ever seen at the LG Arena. Everyone was just going crazy, or should I say CRAY, whilst Jay and Yeezy doused the crowd with a gold bottle of luxury champagne. What with it being the final date of the tour, the two went mad, and they pulled out all the stops to really show us commoners how to go H.A.M! They both brought their other halves, Kim Kardashian and Beyonce, along with them who to everyone's shock were seen going nuts in the crowd during 'Paris' taking in the atmosphere like true punters! Anyway check out all the snaps I took during the event, and if that isn't enough, check the video above of Jay and Yeezy performing 'Monster'. Momentous. 

Crowd control: Yeezy jumps into the crowd for a slice of the action

All of the Lights: Lasers ignite the LG Arena

Poised: Yeezy takes it all in whilst Jay looks on

Jay an Yeezy spray the crowd with champagne

Showgirls: Bodyguards surround Kim and Beyonce during the madness

Watch The Throne Tour
LG Arena [Birmingham NEC]
Birmingham, United Kingdom
22 JUNE 2012

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