Thursday, 19 July 2012

Freshers: Charlee Drew - You Did Me a Favour (EP)

Smashing the glass ceiling: Charlee Drew is on the brink of big-time success

For an artist that is literally on the verge of blowing up, Charlee Drew's (pictured) rise to prominence within the music industry has been cleverly executed. Within 24 hours of being released onto the much coveted  iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart, Drew had already managed to cement a place within the Top 20 at #16 with his forthcoming EP 'You Did Me a Favour', and is currently making a strong case for a top 10 if current sales continue. If that's not enough or exciting enough then it'll come as great news, to those who already do not know of Charlee, that he is also based in Leicester (like us!).

At a very difficult time in the music industry it's definitely a bold move taking the traditional route in a bid to achieve success on the mainstream, but the much talented Charlee Drew is making a formidable case for himself, especially with the quality production on this up-coming hit. Whilst gaining attention from some of the UK's hottest musicians such as Ed Sheeran, who is said to be an admirer of Charlee's, it is a breath of fresh air to witness an artist who is willing to invest a large quantity of time, effort and belief into pursuing his dreams and it's always great when the delivery is as good as is seen in 'You Did Me a Favour'.

With a strong social media following which boasts over 6000 Twitter fans, 8000 Facebook fans and 7000 YouTube subscribers already, it seems only like a matter of time before Charlee's records will be gaining airplay BBC Radio 1's elusive playlists. And if you think this is the start then think again, because Mr Drew has already had minor successes on the bigger stages having previously had airplay on Radio 1 and   recognised support from youth broadcaster SB.TV and urban magazine RWD Mag.

Keep a look and remember the name of Charlee Drew who should be kicking off his solo campaign later this fall, which will follow the release of the 'You Did Me a Favour' EP/single. You can watch the video below now if we've whet your curiosity about the hype enough now. Finally, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for this young starlet. He's got everything in order and his up-coming record is most definitely tight, and if you're wondering when you'll be able to get hold of the record, you'll be able to purchase the EP from iTunes from August 19, but you can pre-order now so make sure you support. Press play... 

  • 'You Did Me a Favour' - EP will be available on iTunes from August 19 and you can pre-order the track HERE.
  • You can follow Charlee Drew on twitter @CharleeDrew