Monday, 12 March 2012

Premiere: ill MANORS (Official Video)

Here's the official video for Plan B's cleverly titled return single 'ill MANORS' (think hard and listen if you don't get what we mean here). The 'urban safari' Plan B takes us on is a journey through Britain's urban poverty stricken environments, whilst at the same time giving the youth a voice and providing reasoning as to why the riots of 2011 occurred in England. The video also bares reference to the underlying dysfunctional youth of today who reside in some of Britain's most deprived areas, and how they are undermined by politicians who label and judge them. Plan B provides an eye opening response to the fact that there has been an Olympic village constructed right on the fringe of many of east London's high-rise council blocks. He also insightfully breaks down the word 'CHAV' as being an acronym for 'Council Housed And Violent' - a clever political attack by once smooth singer Plan B. I wonder if David Cameron will be listening? LISTEN IF YOU HAVE EARS...

The ill MANORS - EP is out NOW on all major digital record stores.